Cultivating Compassion & Mindfulness with Sr. Stan

(13 Mar 2014)
Cultivating compassion towards ourselves, towards society and the world through meditation.
“The practice of compassion means letting experience in. When we can open to all parts of ourselves and to others in the world, something quite extraordinary happens. We begin to connect with one another.” -Joseph Goldstein.
The Sanctuary believes that meditation practice is at the root of compassion and social justice. Through the practice of meditation we connect with our inner self where a truth and wisdom resides.  The generation of compassion towards ourselves enables us to develop this compassion outward through our thoughts, our words and our actions.  At a time of great uncertainty, conflict and fragmentation in our society cultivating a sense of compassion to ourselves and others is fundamental to social justice and change.
Sr Stan a leading figure in social justice in Ireland today, will lead this one day workshop and share her experience of meditation and mindfulness practice and social action.
The day will include input, guided meditation, mindful walking, mindful eating and silent practice in the beautiful surroundings of the Sanctuary rooms and gardens.
Or contact the Sanctuary on 01 6705419 for more information

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